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01/06/2019 Facts

What is Q² Primer ?

Often categorized as jeweling polish, Q² Primer is principally designed as a pre-coating polish - its silica-based formula will ensure the coating adhesion and simplify the application. Depending on the state of your paint, you can use Q² Primer with a Q²M Finish pad, or if you need a bit more cut, Q²M Polish will do the trick. Apply the polish evenly on you paintwork at low speed. And now 2 options are offered to you :

  • once applied you can buff it off with some added Q²M Prep & proceed with your coating application right away.
  • leave Q² Primer on your paintwork for a minimum of 12 hours, after that you can apply your coating directly on it!
Give it a try!  

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Nuestra red de distribución y detailing en todo el mundo está formada por líderes en el sector del cuidado del automóvil, así como por expertos detailers altamente cualificados y conocedores de las tecnologías más sofisticadas.