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14/05/2019 Facts

How to get the best one step polish ?

One of the most requested information out there: What combo do we recommend for the perfect one-step finish with the Gyeon Q²M Polishing System? If you want the most effective defect removal with added clarity and gloss, we would advise you to try our Q²M Polish pad combined with Q²M Compound. A second to our least aggressive cutting pad with a DAT (diminishing abrasive technology) polish such as Q²M Compound is the way to go for an effortless & fast refresh in a single polishing stage. Give it a try!

Nuestra red de distribuidores en el mundo

y detailers

Nuestra red de distribución y detailing en todo el mundo está formada por líderes en el sector del cuidado del automóvil, así como por expertos detailers altamente cualificados y conocedores de las tecnologías más sofisticadas.